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Welcome to Gynecology & Fertility, P.C., the only Ob/Gyn practice in Lincoln that’s primarily owned and managed by women. With more than 40 years of combined experience, we deliver the compassionate, one-to-one care every woman deserves. We emphasize overall wellness and are committed to providing you with the highest quality healthcare available. We are women… caring for women.

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Women’s Health Articles

Pre-Pregnancy Checkup

Congratulations! You have decided to have a baby. Have you considered making an appointment with your doctor to discuss how to physically and mentally prepare for this life changing event? Here are a few things to start thinking about: Start taking a prenatal vitamin with 1mg of folic acid Update your immunizations Keep exercising or establish an exercise routine that you enjoy Avoid tobacco and alcohol Reduce caffeine consumption to one beverage per day If you are pregnant follow this link for more information As obstetricians we want to work with you and help you establish a healthy lifestyle that will lead to the best possible outcome – a healthy baby. Call us today! Republished by Blog Post... read more

Essure® Offers What No Other Birth Control Does…

Performed in our office in less than an hour, Essure offers women what no other permanent birth control option does… a proven solution that doesn’t require hormones, cutting, going under general anesthesia, or slowing down to recover. Trusted by women and doctors for over five years, you can rely on Essure to let you worry less and enjoy every moment more. Thank you for entrusting your heath care to Gynecology & Fertility, P.C. As part of our ongoing commitment to continually provide you with the most current care and procedures available, we want to keep you informed about some of the services that our office offers. One of these services is The Essure Procedure for permanent birth control. If your family is complete, maybe it’s time for us to talk about Essure, a permanent birth control solution that has been trusted by women and doctors for over five years. Essure doesn’t involve hormones, cutting, scarring or the risks of general anesthesia when getting your tubes tied. Since no general anesthesia is required, it can be performed in the comfort of our office. Essure is covered by most insurance plans, so depending on your specific plan, payment may be as inexpensive as office co-pay. The Essure procedure is very simple: a soft, flexible micro-insert is placed into your fallopian tubes to create a natural barrier that prevents sperm from reaching the egg. The procedure takes about 13 minutes to perform, and most women are able to leave within 45 minutes after the procedure. The Essure procedure offers women the following benefits: No cutting No going under general anesthesia No slowing... read more

Dr. Mahoney and staff made my entire pregnancy and delivery a wonderful, memorable and miraculous experience. They made me feel welcome, comfortable, and worth their time.


Age 28