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Welcome to Gynecology & Fertility, P.C., the only Ob/Gyn practice in Lincoln that’s primarily owned and managed by women. With more than 40 years of combined experience, we deliver the compassionate, one-to-one care every woman deserves. We emphasize overall wellness and are committed to providing you with the highest quality healthcare available. We are women… caring for women.

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Women’s Health Articles

What’s New in Birth Control?

Two new forms of contraception are available at Gynecology and Fertility, PC that give you either long term birth control or permanent birth control. IMPLANON® is a 3-year contraceptive option that is more than 99% effective. IMPLANON® insertion is a minor procedure that can be performed in our office. IMPLANON® is inserted just under the skin on the inner side of your upper arm. The entire procedure is done using a local anesthetic and generally takes a few minutes. ESSURE® is a permanent birth control option that is 99.74% effective. It is a procedure that does not involve surgery and it can be done at Gynecology and Fertility, PC. Our trained physicians insert a scope into the uterus to visualize each fallopian tube. A soft flexible coil is then placed into each tube. For three months you must use another form of contraception. At the end of three months, a test will be performed to ensure that both tubes are completely blocked. The ESSURE® is not reversible. The ESSURE® procedure is covered by most insurance providers. If the procedure is performed in our office, depending on the insurance plan, your payment may be as low as a simple co-pay. Republished by Blog Post... read more

Self Breast Examination

The Why and How October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a good time to remind ourselves about what we can do to lower our own risk of breast cancer, and help to catch it early if it is present. Knowing your own body is important in the fight for early diagnosis, and prevention. Breast self-examination is recommended once per month, and in females still having periods, the best time of the month is 7 to 10 days after the period. At this point in cycle, the hormonal effects on the tissue will be such that lumps and bumpiness should be minimal. In postmenopausal patients, picking a time of the month that is easy to remember is just fine. Putting a monthly reminder in your phone, or on your calendar, might be a nice way to remember. The first step is observation, or looking at the breast tissue. This is easiest to do in a mirror. Put your shoulders back, and look at both sides for any skin changes, or dimpling of the skin. You also want to make sure that the breasts look similar in shape and size. Next, you want to make sure you are feeling all the breast tissue on both sides, extending from the sternum or chest bone, out to the edge of the breast under the armpit. Vertically, you want to examine from the clavicle, or the top of the inside of the shoulder, to the bottom of the breast. The key to a good exam is making sure that you feel all the breast tissue with a gentle but firm pressure. You certainly want... read more

Dr. Mahoney and staff made my entire pregnancy and delivery a wonderful, memorable and miraculous experience. They made me feel welcome, comfortable, and worth their time.


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